One of the biggest disappointments in life is getting married and expecting that person to be your one and only forever, then finding yourself in a lonely, sexless, disconnected marriage where you tolerate each other every day and sleep next to a stranger every night. Having the picturesque family on the outside, the perfect home, and your dream career doesn't seem to be cutting it. What the hell else do you need to do to have the marriage you want? Why does it feel like you’re getting the leftovers from your spouse, feeling like the circumstances of life are swallowing you up, keeping you from having the marriage you want? 

How do I create the marriage I want? What if my spouse doesn't want to put in the work? This fear of rejection and failure prevents us from believing that it is possible to experience more: MORE intimacy. MORE trust. MORE security. MORE passion.

The fear of husbands and wives being rejected yet again by their spouses is so real that we had to designed this one of a kind training, to help couples create real transformation in their marriages, forever.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in YOUR marriage?


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Who is this event for?

If you’re a husband or wife who feels stuck in what to do next to break out of the vicious cycle of fighting, stonewalling, sexlessness, and even apathy you've found yourself in,  and need a jolt of clarity that produces results. If marriage is not working out the way you had dreamed and you just can’t seem to get the break you're needing.  If you’re ready to take your marriage to the next level, acquire the practical tools needed, and can’t stay where you’re at any longer...this training is for you.

Who is this event NOT for?

This event is NOT for those who are waiting for something to happen to them and are not willing to take the responsibility to make something different happen. Those who complain more than they are willing to commit. Those who would rather blame their spouse for the problems in their marriage than consider new possibilities. Those who make excuses for their lack of connection instead of producing a game plan to turn things around. Bottom line, it’s not for those who don’t believe they are powerful as individuals within their relationship, and are still waiting for a change in circumstances to "save" them.

When, Where, and How Much Is This Event?

The Ruthlessly Committed Couples Intensive is taking place Saturday, November 10th, 2018 in San Diego, CA. The cost of registration is $1000 per couple.

What you'll get from this training...

Renewed Passion

When your marriage is on the rocks and you don't even feel free to be yourself around your spouse, sex is non-existent, or at best, boring and obligatory. Porn and masturbation (or even apathy towards sex) becomes the norm, and you don't even know where to begin the conversation about sex with your spouse. 

In this training, experience the freedom to be real and raw in a no-judgement space, giving you the freedom to create a depth of passion, intimacy, and sexual connection you've never experienced before. 

A New Sense of Togetherness

There's nothing as frustrating as being at constant odds with your spouse, feeling like they are never on the same page and just don't "get" you. The blow-ups are endless and exhausting, and you feel unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. You question why you're even married, and would rather be alone than in this cold marriage. 

In this training, experience a sense of togetherness like never before, feeling like you're truly on the same team, possibly for the first time ever. Feel your hearts connect and align over a shared vision for your relationship.

Abundance in Your Relationship

Are you ready to overcome the scarcity in your marriage, feeling like there's not enough time, energy, and patience for each other?

An abundance mindset in your marriage comes from knowing that you’re whole and complete as a man or woman, lacking NOTHING. Being able to be in the present moment with yourself and your spouse, knowing whatever you need is available to you. An abundance mindset in marriage is seeing the possibility in one another regardless of the life circumstance in your way, seeing each challenge as an opportunity to create greater intimacy and power.

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