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The Latest Episodes

SE2, EP4: The Tools Work, Even When His Doesn't...

When things don't go as planned in bed, the normal thing is to beat ourselves up and blame each other. Check out an alternative response.

SE2, EP3: Getting Unstuck In Conversation

When you’re feeling frustrated with your spouse at the end of the day, it’s normal to either suppress those frustrations or get into a full-blown fight...but there IS another way. Tune in to hear more!

SE2, EP2: A Fundamental Tool for Deeper Connection

One of our go-to tools that often creates instant connection. Use this one with intention, and watch your marriage shift!

SE 2, EP 1: Exposing Lies (What I See Exists In Me)

This visual reveals why your spouse begins to look more like an asshole or a bitch, rather than the man or woman you married. Tune into the replay to hear more!

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